PreadProfiler: Multilayer-omic Analysis of Adipose Tissue Progenitor Cell Heterogeneity

Adipose Progenitor Heterogeneity: A Tale of two Depots

Adipocyte precursor cells (APCs) reside, in part, in the adipose tissue vasculature as a subset of PDGFRb+ perivascular mesenchymal cells. Single-cell RNA-sequencing as revealed the functional and molecular heterogeneity of these cells in anatomically distinct WAT depots.

Murine Inguinal WAT: Hierarchical Adipocyte Progenitor Subpopulations


The PreadProfiler is a comprehensive and integrated dataset developed by the Wu Lab and Gupta Lab that provides the transcriptomic and proteomic profile of murine PDGFRb+ adipose tissue progenitors at three levels:

  • Cell subpopulation (four functionally distinct subpopulations)
  • localization (intraabdominal and subcutaneous adipose depots)
  • Sex (male and female mice).

15,477 transcripts quantified by RNA-seq
4,870 proteins quantified by DIA Mass Spectrometry
4,540 genes represented at both the protein and mRNA level

Shan B, Barker, CS, Shao M, Zhang Q, Gupta RK, Wu Y. Under Review 2021
Multilayer-omics Reveal Sex- and Depot-Dependent Adipose Progenitor Cell Heterogeneity

Murine Perigonadal WAT: Functionally Distinct Progenitor Subpopulations

Image from Hepler et al. Elife 2018